We need your help in impacting thousands of lives.


Education is an undeniable right, and we here at Team Gyan believe that not even a natural calamity should be able to take that away from us. So we’re asking you to join us on this road to recovery, to renew the future of thousands of young children. As of today, nearly 3,000 schools out of over 9,000 schools that were damaged or destroyed by the 2015 earthquake still needs to rebuilt. We plan to rebuild every one of them.

Suman Kumar recalls kneeling down to pray at church. He didn’t expect the sudden rumbling, and intense shaking. He also did not plan to look out the window and watch houses collapse into the grey ashes that would cover Kathmandu over the next 50 seconds. Those few seconds of unparalleled ruin is what we now know as the infamous Nepal earthquake